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PrettyCoolWoman Logo is the brainchild of a high-tech entrepreneur and a board-certified physician. They wanted a solution for the discomfort and distraction of  flashes that were interfering with their otherwise still vibrant and youthful lifestyle. Having designed the ideal solution for temperature issues, they now want to share it with other women and couples.

The Problem

What do you do when you feel sick?  Do you feel your forehead for a fever? We all know that fever is a sign that our body is trying to fight off illness which doesn't feel good.  When our temperature changes for other reasons, it doesn't feel good either.  Menopause is not a disease but most women experience hot flashes and night sweats at some point during the long process of change.  They can be intense, uncomfortable, distracting and, if others notice, embarrassing. Lost sleep and diminished productivity are no joke.  

The Solution

Our President and Founder, Debra J. Solomon, M.D., believes that we are an overmedicated society and that drugs should be used only after less invasive approaches have been explored.  So, when she started having hot flashes herself, she was not interested in hormones or other medications, herbs were unreliable, and fans and peppermint sprays were just not acceptable in the office.  

What she and PrettyCoolWoman have come up with is a solution that, compared to any other approach to managing hot flashes

  • Is more effective than non-hormonal prescription drugs, herbs, and wicking garments
  • Requires no effort or planning
  • Has no side effects
  • Is safer than hormones and other drugs
  • Is less expensive than most daily medications or supplements

How does it work?

We have stylish garments and bedding that use patented high-tech fiber blended into a fabric that absorbs energy if your skin temperature starts to rise, and then releases the energy if the temperature begins to go down. Except for a slight pleasant  coolness to the touch, you won't notice anything "technical" about it. It's really comfy and it looks great, too!

Our Challenge

We wanted our product to solve a real comfort problem.  We also wanted it to be effortless for our customers to use and effective at all times. Most importantly we wanted the "therapeutic" aspect to be completely unnoticable to anyone except the wearer. So we put extra care into our design and styling and we produced  the nicest looking, most comfortable tank tops and tunics you could ever want. They look great on everyone from XS to XXL.

We're competing with the big pharmaceutical companies as much as we're competing with small apparel boutiques.  We know of no other company that offers effectiveness, safety, and fashion in one package. If we can get you to try our apparel and bedding, we know you'll love it and want to share it with your friends too.

Your Challenge

Buy it. Try it. Send it back if you aren't satisfied. Could supporting your own comfort really be any simpler?