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Concerning Women

From mid-20th century to now, women have been re-defining their roles. Here is where we consider aspects of this important and as-yet incomplete transition.

  • Go For It!  It’s Now or Never!

    It's now or neverI stepped into 2016 with the clear knowledge that this is the year.   It’s time to be bold, brave, clear and courageous.  No holding back, pretending or wasting time.   If not now, when?

    It’s not just me.  Many women worldwide are feeling a similar call to step up, step in, grow into the best version of themselves, realize their dreams, and make a difference in the world.

    Take inspiration if you’d like from achievements of women in politics or athletics; this is both an election and an Olympic year.  But they’re not the ones who will make the most difference in your life or in the world. Continue reading

  • How Do YOU Lie?

    liar 2We all lie.  Every one of us.  One way or another.

    I resisted this truth for the longest time because, to me, honesty is one of the most important character traits of all.

    I vividly remember a time in junior high school when I discovered that I was the only one of my friends that hadn’t shoplifted.  I was horrified as they tried to convince me that it wasn’t so bad.  My response was to leave that group of friends because the honesty was more important to me than the friendship or belonging.

    I prided myself on being honest, sometimes brutally so.  But it wasn’t until Continue reading

  • Living the Dream?

    dream walking

    “Living the dream…”

    “My dream come true…”

    “My worst nightmare…”

    “In your dreams…”

    “Sweet dreams…”

    “Dream on…”

    “Dare to dream…”

    “Not in my wildest dreams…”

    “The man/woman of my dreams is…”

    Are you living the life of your dreams?  Is that a good thing? Continue reading

  • Which Way to Utopia?


    Have you ever felt that you have gifts to share but you can’t?  Maybe your job is OK, but you know you could do so much more if only they let you?  Or you could create so much more with your business if only you had the capital to invest?  Or maybe you just don’t have the right platform to really shine?

    I happen to believe that we all have incredible potential to really make a difference in the world but that very few of us ever come close to expressing that potential or putting it into action.

    I want to change all that.  Continue reading

  • How Are You Investing in Your Life?



    The past month has brought some tragic shockers in my life as two previously vibrant people took a sudden and rapid demise.  One has died and the other is in critical condition as I write.

    It’s not new for me to witness death, especially here in Taos County, where death seems to be commonplace.  Whether it’s the small community effect or an end of the road phenomenon—where people consciously or unconsciously come here to die—I don’t know.

    In any event, it makes me focus all the more, as most of us have an ever-shortening runway, on how we need to make smart life investments. Continue reading

  • What the Heck is a Warrior Woman?


    I began this year with a clear mandate from my spirit guides that I am not to hold back.  I’m to step up, speak my truth, sing my song, and be a leader.

    Gulp.  That’s a tall order.  And I don’t know exactly what it all means yet.  It could take most of the year, if not longer, to process the message, develop a vision, and manifest it fully.

    But I have accepted the task and spoken it aloud.  Of course, no one is handing me a cursed ring Continue reading

  • OMG, you have to try this!

    telling a secret

    There’s something I haven’t been telling you.  I value my credibility and integrity above most everything, so I had to experience it for myself.  But I’m so sure now that this is real—and huge—that I have to share it with you nowContinue reading

  • Does the Devil Wear a Pink Ribbon?


    Aside from being spectacularly beautiful in much of the US, October is breast cancer awareness month.  My most popular blog to date was the one I wrote last year at this time called Why I Don’t Wear a Pink Ribbon.  It was a rant about how we’ve all been duped into believing that a pink ribbon supports women with breast cancer or breast cancer prevention when in fact it’s really a corporate gimmick supporting a mammogram industry that has become falsely synonymous with early detection, prevention, and saving lives.  Continue reading

  • The Moon, the Sun and The Earth are in Perfect Alignment—Are You?


    I function best when my head is on straight.  I know, duh!  But really, when my neck and head are out of alignment, I get whopper headaches.  Stress, weird sleeping positions, and awkward movements can all throw out my neck and I don’t know what I’d do without a really talented chiropractor.  But I think I discovered something this week: it’s the little things that can really mess me up.  And I’m thinking it’s probably true for all of us. Continue reading

  • Credentials:  Deferential or Detrimental? 


    As you know, I’m in the process of leaving my New Mexico clinic job.  What’s the hold-up?  Credentialing.  Even though I’ve practiced medicine for three decades, I have to prove—again-- that I am who I say I am and that my credentials (licenses, certifications, training, experience, references, clean legal record, etc.) are real. Continue reading

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