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Go For It!  It’s Now or Never!

It's now or neverI stepped into 2016 with the clear knowledge that this is the year.   It’s time to be bold, brave, clear and courageous.  No holding back, pretending or wasting time.   If not now, when?

It’s not just me.  Many women worldwide are feeling a similar call to step up, step in, grow into the best version of themselves, realize their dreams, and make a difference in the world.

Take inspiration if you’d like from achievements of women in politics or athletics; this is both an election and an Olympic year.  But they’re not the ones who will make the most difference in your life or in the world.

No matter who wins an election or what country gets the most medals, your life will not fundamentally change as a result of you voting or watching the political and athletic games play out.

Are you hoping for change?  Then make it happen.  As Ghandi said, you need to be the change you want to see in the world.

What kind of change really matters to you?  Be honest with yourself.

Do you wish you could feel better?  Improve your life?  Have healthier relationships?  More money?  A better future?  A better world for your grandchildren?

How much of this are you willing to leave to our elected employees or celebrated athletic idols?

Are you really serious about improving your life or the lives of others?  How far are you willing to commit to do the necessary healing, self-assessment and growth?  Are you worth it?  Are your children or grandchildren worth it?

Has it occurred to you that someone may be waiting for you to make those changes in your life so they can see change too?

There’s an infinity of possibilities and choices in every moment.  If you try to evaluate each one, you can get stuck in analysis paralysis!

So what to do?  I say go from the inside out.  Close your mouth, open your eyes, your ears and your heart.  Notice your senses, your reactions, and your ability to respond.  And when something feels right, take action.  Now.  If you don’t, life will fill in and you may never see the same opportunity again.

I’m challenging you.  And I’m challenging myself at the same time.

Here’s what I’m committing to, right now:

  1. I release all fear and limiting beliefs that have held me back. No one can deter me from my own success.
  2. I will do what it takes to create financial freedom so that I can take my gifts to higher levels and play bigger in the world for the greater good.
  3. I will stay awake and continue to grow and change.
  4. I will love fiercely and take authentic action when needed.
  5. I will shine my light and, in doing so, encourage others to shine theirs.

In the coming weeks, I will get more specific in sharing the changes I’m making in my life.

I invite you to take a stand in your life.  Ask yourself whether you’re really satisfied.  Or might you be ready to wake up to a reality that isn’t good enough and beckons you to roll up your sleeves and take action…?


One thought on “Go For It!  It’s Now or Never!”

  • Susan Dilger

    Thanks Debra! Always appreciate your posts. As we age and change, it's always good to keep evaluating our path. I love the "It's Now or Never" adage...... Mine has been..... "If Not Now, When?" Let's enjoy the ride.....

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