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How Are You Investing in Your Life?



The past month has brought some tragic shockers in my life as two previously vibrant people took a sudden and rapid demise.  One has died and the other is in critical condition as I write.

It’s not new for me to witness death, especially here in Taos County, where death seems to be commonplace.  Whether it’s the small community effect or an end of the road phenomenon—where people consciously or unconsciously come here to die—I don’t know.

In any event, it makes me focus all the more, as most of us have an ever-shortening runway, on how we need to make smart life investments.

  1. Your body. We each get one body to take us through this life.  As we age, many of our genes no longer express themselves to keep us robust and resilient.  (There are some cutting edge healthy helpers for this and I invite you to contact me privately to learn more.)  Meanwhile, are you eating healthy real food, exercising to keep your muscles and bones and heart strong, and managing your stress?  And are you avoiding toxic habits like smoking that you know will bring you down?
  2. Your mind.  How are you keeping your mind active?  Are you learning new things, challenging yourself with new skills, going on adventures?  What about a sensory diet of avoiding the “news” which is always rife with violence and tragedy?
  3. Your spirit. What are you doing to challenge your beliefs, especially if your current ones aren’t working for you?  If you’re stuck, I highly recommend therapy, coaching, counseling, energy work, or any spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, ceremonial practices, art or music to get you unstuck.  Then find ways to integrate what you learn into your daily life.
  4. Your finances. Most Americans are afraid to live a long life, not just because they might not be healthy, but also because they don’t want to outlive their income stream.  And most of us have no retirement savings.  There are ways to turn this around, even with a short runway, if you’re motivated and willing to take fresh look at what’s possible.  (I invite you to talk to me about this too, as I’m building a team…)

This is just an introductory musing on self-investment.  I’ll turn 58 next month and I intend to do everything possible to live young and strong for as long as I can.  Are you with me?


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