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March Madness? (12 Lessons Learned From the Weirdest Week of My Life in Which I Completely Lost Control)

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March Madness?

(12 lessons learned from the weirdest week of my life in which I completely lost control)

Have you had a crazy March so far?  I sure have.  I think it’s been the strangest week of my life!  And it seems everyone around me has too.  I have no idea whether it’s a perfect storm of astrological events, political Idiocracy, or, say, climate change, throwing us off kilter.  But things are weird.

The other day, in the midst of my weirdest week ever, I had a fleeting but severe attack of vertigo that left me gasping and gripping the arms of my chair like I was on a carnival ride.  It never came back, but I did spend the next 5 days sicker than I’ve ever been--ever.

Now that I’m mostly through the most horrifying and scary part of the ride, I realize that there must be lessons I can take from this.  This was an extreme illustration of the body not lying, of telling me something.  If nothing else, it sure stopped me in my tracks.  For three days, I wasn’t even able to think, let alone find meaning.  Now, I’m thinking again.

During this same time, a family member had a serious medical event and a friend had both parents diagnosed with advanced cancer.  I won’t even tell you the other major life events he’s juggling because you won’t believe me!

I posted on Face Book last week the words “weird day” (before my week really got weird) and got lots of responses from people also having weird days.  My son on a senior college spring break trip just called and said, “Crazy day.”

So, I’m just getting back on my feet and I have NOT figured this out, so I may need your help.  But here are the lessons so far:

  1. When life seems to be spinning too fast, you have to be grounded. Talk to Mama Earth!  Let her hold you.  Get your bare feet in the dirt.  If you live in a city or work in a cubicle, please have plants, animals, or rocks where you can see and touch them--always.
  2. Doctors should not be their own patients and vice versa.
  3. Life really can be stranger than fiction.
  4. Real stories are always more impactful than facts.
  5. Compassion is always possible without living the same experience. Living it can get you there faster.
  6. “I don’t have time” can be a danger to your health, your livelihood, or life course.
  7. Miscommunications happen—often, especially via electronic media. Nothing substitutes for a face to face conversation.
  8. If you don’t have a goal in life, get one. It’ll help you stay on course in such tumultuous times.
  9. If you decide to do something, do it. You may not have time later.
  10. If you have a goal and you’re serious about getting there, you have to make a deep commitment—to yourself—or you’ll die trying.
  11. Take care of your body. It’s the only one you get this life.
  12. Oh, and chicken soup made with love IS an amazing medicine.

No, I’m not expounding on each one today.  I’m recovering from a kidney infection and I need to go to bed.  Let me know, though, what interests you and I’ll discuss any of the above later.

Right now is the new moon and a solar eclipse.  On March 19, we get the spring equinox.  And right after that, the full moon and lunar eclipse occurs on March 23.  So hold on, get grounded, be clear on your goals, and move forward fast.

Oh, and if you’ve never seen the film Idiocracy, it’s time.















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