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telling a secret

There’s something I haven’t been telling you.  I value my credibility and integrity above most everything, so I had to experience it for myself.  But I’m so sure now that this is real—and huge—that I have to share it with you now

I feel more vibrant than I’ve felt in years!  And I started at super healthy!   Yes, a huge factor is my drastically reduced stress level since I left the job I was at.   But I also have a secret that I’m ready to reveal:

First, some background.  Last fall we did an extensive survey of our customers, women around the US who were all experiencing menopause-related hot flashes and were not taking hormones.  We asked them lots of questions before and after a trial of our PrettyCoolWoman garments.  Aside from a vast majority of them finding symptomatic improvements with our products, most also told us they wanted advice and products to naturally support them in thee specific areas:  1. their skin; 2. their hair; and 3. their health and nutrition.

So we listened.  We spent the last year researching those requests and even began experimenting with our own line of skin care products and supplements.  We tried making our own and we also looked at contract manufacturers who could private label an entire line of personal care products for us.  They make acceptable products, but they’re not exactly cutting edge.

While doing our research, we were re-introduced to a company we’d first come across in the 80s when it was just starting out with a line of excellent hair and skin care products.  I was a loyal customer for years but then lost access to the products and moved on.

What I didn’t know was that this company had since acquired several other companies and had grown to a multinational 3 billion dollar presence with 175 PhD level scientists doing epigenetic research and innovating new, ethically sourced, purified botanical products--innovatively designed to restart genes that stop being effective as we age.  We traveled to meet the company and were/are consistently impressed with both the company culture and its ethics as well as its products.

So here’s what’s coming:  in a few weeks, they will release a brand new product that is the culmination of decades of research in both gene expression science and ethnobotany.   In just two capsules twice a day, they’ve packed purified, impeccably sourced botanical ingredients from around the world that you can’t possibly get all at once in your daily diet.  They’ve figured out what food sources affect which genes in Norway where there’s a low rate of heart attacks and what correlates with longevity in some Asian cultures, etc.  Their proprietary blend of purified food-sourced ingredients is designed to recalibrate the aging process, so we can live younger for much longer.  It works at a cellular level on brain, heart, joints, immune system and other body systems.

This will be a game changer.  I know because Stephen and I both started an early trial just two weeks ago and we both feel amazing!  It’s hard to describe, but I can tell you that I’ve been getting up before my alarm, feeling focused, motivated and mentally sharper, and working out every morning, feeling stronger and more resilient.  I’ve traveled and worked my body in new strenuous activities and have had not one hint of neck pain or headaches, which is huge for me.

And other people who have been on these capsules for longer have similar stories.  They’re looking and feeling younger, healthier, and more vibrant.  I’d heard these stories and even witnessed the visible changes in a few people I know, but I didn’t want to shout about this until I knew from my own first hand experience.  The saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  But not always.  This is the single most exciting health-related product I’ve experienced—ever.

This product will not be generally available until sometime next year, but, with the limited release this November, I can get you some if you let me know ASAP.

Are you intrigued?  You should be!  Do you need to know more?  Of course you do!  If you want more information or think you might want a trial of this product, I want you to email or call me directly at or 575-779-4464.

Call me or write me.  We’ll set up a time to talk, just you and me.

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