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Our Founders

Debra J Solomon MD

President & CEO


Debra J. Solomon, M.D., an innovative psychiatrist, knows that peace of mind begins in the body.  In her 30 year clinical career, she has helped thousands of patients, one by one, to find a comfortable home within themselves and to function more gracefully in their relationships, careers, and daily lives.

After years of parenting, Debra enjoys an empty nest with her husband Stephen.  She feels that menopause has released her from her body’s relentless call to procreation and that she now has the freedom and energy to focus on new ventures. Not willing to let her hot flashes derail her, the search for a solution became the impetus for the creation of PrettyCoolWoman.  Her hot flashes nearly gone thanks to phase change fabrics, Debra wants to share her discovery with the millions of women who are suffering the sleep loss or daily discomfort of hot flashes and night sweats.  She believes that women at midlife are wise, experienced, and at the peak of their power.  There’s no time for unnecessary suffering.

Dr. Debra Solomon is putting out a call to mature women to get comfortable in their bodies and change the world!

Stephen J Abt III

General Manager and CTOStephen_Portrait_diamond

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in multiple start-up environments, ranging from homegrown family businesses to helping launch new product divisions for major corporations.

His first job was in his family's antique business, which taught him that standing the test of time adds beauty, intrigue, depth, significance and value. What is true for objects is true for people as well. As founder and CEO of ArtFact, Inc., he built an information publishing enterprise that dominated its market with 80% market share through his tenure with the company, as it still does today.

A devoted father and husband, a trained energetic healer, he is committed to the "nuts and bolts" of this venture as his contribution to helping women find their comfort zone and their place of personal power.