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Mastering Midlife

  • "Who are you and what do you need to be you?"

    "Who are you and what do you need to be you?"IMG_0716-crop-reduce

    That’s the question I’ve asked my patients for thirty years and the puzzle we solve together. It’s all about finding (and using!) the keys that will improve each person’s life. Every pIcon-FAQtoconvertederson, and thus every set of keys, is unique. My job is to help each person find the keys that unlock their hidden potential and ones that help them filter external influences. Sometimes, these keys are hidden deep within, but many are within easy reach—and those are the ones I want to share with you!

    I operate in defiance of our modern, bottom-line driven, assembly line approach to health care. A rarity in medicine these days, I take patients off medicine whenever I can. I bring intimacy and artistry to my work, and the results show in my patients. I’ve served many and I’ve served well.

    Who are you and what do you need to be you?

    In the process of helping my patients, I ask myself this question every day. It’s important to me to be a living example for those who seek my help. I choose not to hide behind a professional mask. My patients may be impressed by my education, my credentials and my intelligence, but I know I contribute on a much deeper level to their healing through my honesty and compassion, and my willingness to step out from behind the mask and share myself with them.

    I learned this not from medical school but from living my life. This strength and wisdom comes from being a woman with life experience. I have it, you have it, and the world needs this from us! I agree with the Dalai Lama that western women can save the world.

    The end of my cycles was a liberation. Finished with child-bearing years ago, I no longer needed my body to devote itself to procreative possibilities. So the common societal notion that I had lost something or that my value had diminished did not resonate with me at all. And all the energy that my body put into those procreative cycles is now mine to focus on a new kind of creativity!

    When my new-found energy started spilling over as hot flashes, I was not willing to be derailed but I wasn't willing to treat my hot flashes as symptoms of a disease either. The medical world offers estrogen hormones as the most effective treatment for hot flashes. Effective yes, but with substantial risk and a postponement of the same problem when hormones are stopped later in life. And for those of us who cannot or choose not to take hormones, Big Pharma is trying to medicalize menopause by getting approval to treat it with psychiatric drugs. I’m frankly tired of the “take a pill” mentality.

    So, one evening last year, when my husband was explaining a technology that could be used to store and release heat in a home heating project, a hot flash distracted me and I blurted out, “Wow, can we get that in clothing? I need it!” And that’s how PrettyCoolWoman began!

    Sure enough, phase change technology works great in fabrics next to the skin. It draws away excess heat and then gives it back when needed! So, together, we developed this totally new paradigm in hot flash management. No risky drugs, no silly fans or sprays, no hassle. Simple, safe, effective and even stylish!

    Now I let my body go through its natural changes while my wardrobe works for me to maintain my temperature in a comfortable zone. No more embarrassing flushing, sweating, or stripping off layers at inopportune times. And no getting chilled either. I literally live in my tanks and tunics with every outfit by day and I sleep in the tunics at night. (And, based on early customer feedback, I have lots of new styles coming!)

    This new concept in temperature management has made such a profound difference in my life that I’ve built a whole company around it so I can share it with you. I really believe that we can change the world together if we can effectively harness our wisdom and our energy.

    If fashionable phase change clothing had existed for me when I needed it, I never would have needed to start this company! Fact is, phase change technology was first adapted by NASA decades ago for use in space suits to protect astronauts from the extreme heat and cold of outer space. Every apparel company in the world had access to this technology ever since, yet none of them adapted it for everyday use for you and me. What does that say about how the world views women our age, and how it expects us to view ourselves?

    I'm not interested in that script and you shouldn’t be either. I'm writing, directing and starring in my own life and I want to help you to take charge of your life too. I’ve always taken good care of myself, but as I age, I’m reminded over and over that being the best I can be always starts with being comfortable in my own skin.

    Even if you never buy a product from me, I want to create a movement with you. If we get comfortable in our skin, acknowledge our wisdom, and harness our energy, maybe we women really can save the world.

    Are you with me?

    Leave a comment, question, or suggestion and please invite your friends to join us!

    With love,


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