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The Moon, the Sun and The Earth are in Perfect Alignment—Are You?


I function best when my head is on straight.  I know, duh!  But really, when my neck and head are out of alignment, I get whopper headaches.  Stress, weird sleeping positions, and awkward movements can all throw out my neck and I don’t know what I’d do without a really talented chiropractor.  But I think I discovered something this week: it’s the little things that can really mess me up.  And I’m thinking it’s probably true for all of us.

I traveled recently to a small rural city in Arizona to begin my new job.  I’m now working for a clinic there and will mostly see my patients via telemedicine from my home in New Mexico.  It’s a 7 hour drive, so regular commuting is not feasible.  I’m always concerned when I travel that my neck will go out of alignment and start a cycle of headaches.  I take as many precautions as I can: my own special pillow, headache medicine, healthy food, neck pillow…

But this trip it didn’t happen.  No neck tension, no headache.  Why?  It’s not like I wasn’t stressed:  long drive, little sleep, new clinic, new patients and colleagues and a whole new electronic system to master.  The electronic records glitches alone were making me nutty.

The difference?  I was given a laptop computer to work on, not a desktop.  And because my new office is set up to have me behind a desk, either in the flesh or on a big screen, directly across from patients, I was able to place the laptop between me and a patient, in a direct line, with me facing the patient at all times.

So what?  What’s the big deal?  Well, at my old clinic, I had a clunky desktop computer with a large monitor that was too big to put directly between me and the patient.  I had the screen and keyboard placed at about 45 degrees to the left and the patient directly in front of me.  Which meant that I regularly had to break eye contact and turn my head and upper body to see or enter notes into the patient’s chart.  Often I was aware, too, that my left elbow would drift up to rest on the desk.

Honestly?  I’m now thinking that the frequent turning of my head to the left and my left arm coming up—along with abundant stress-- was enough to chronically tense up my left shoulder and neck, setting me up for frequent headaches.  But now that my new arrangement allows me to line up my computer exactly between me and my patient, I’m not getting the headaches!

And right now there’s a major astronomic event happening as our earth lines up perfectly between the sun and the moon, eclipsing our normal view of the full moon.  At the same time, the sun’s rays shining around the earth and through its atmosphere are being defracted and lighting up the moon with red light. Often called a blood moon, we only get to see it when earth, sun and moon are in perfect alignment.  Forty-five degrees—even 5 degrees—off of perfect alignment and it doesn’t happen.

Celestial bodies don’t line up perfectly very often.  When they do, we get to enjoy the show and maybe contemplate deeper meanings.  But, on a day to day basis, can’t we consciously do our best to keep our human bodies in alignment?  And what about our daily walks through life?  Is there more that we each can do to align with our true purpose in life?

I feel honored to be realigning my life at a time when this heavenly alignment is happening.  It’s like my own rebirth and realignment is a fractal expression of something much bigger that affects us all.

What about you?  How are you lining up during times of change?  How does your body feel?  And are you aligning with your own truth and your purpose?

Oh, and another thing:  alignment isn’t just spatial.  How often do small disconnects derail relationships?  And what about temperature?  Just a degree or two change in your body temperature can leave you feeling feverish or experiencing a hot flash.  And now with seasonal temperature shifts, regulating our body temperature is that much tougher.  Am I in temperature alignment?  You bet I am!  I haven’t gone a day without wearing one of my PrettyCoolWoman base layers in many months.  Small misalignments can make a big difference, and fixing them can make big improvements in quality of life.  So if you haven’t checked out our line in a while, start here.




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