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What’s Your Daily Walk?

walk-fine-line1“You never know how a day will go” is my motto number 1 since we moved 2000 miles to live on the land that called us.

I love living in a place of spectacular beauty. I like that there’s no 9 to 5 hamster wheel here for humans to get stuck on, that we have to create our own structure, and that the land, through its beauty and its harshness,  is constantly teaching us that it’s alive, an act of creation that dwarfs all human achievement.  I completely believe in magic and I enjoy living in the mystery.

But I have a certain amount of groundedness and practicality.  I live in a house; I have a mortgage; I work for a living.  My ceremonial life and spiritual seeking are of paramount importance to me, but they have to integrate with the basic hierarchy of needs.  We eat well, my sons thrive in college, the animals have shelter, and we have health insurance (for what it’s worth).

I firmly believe that spiritual growth and expansion (which I plan to continue doing until my last breath) must be grounded in daily reality.  It is a rare day that I’m not filled with awe for at least a moment, and transcendence is easy to come by in this place.  But when patients tell me about alien encounters or teleportation through the universe, my first question is about basic needs.  “That’s a powerful gift or spiritual connection you have; tell me, are you taking care of your body?  In this life, your body is the only vehicle you get and you have to maintain it.  And, do you have a place to live?" My questions are similar for spiritual seekers who don't come to my office – "Can you really help indigenous tribes in Peru or abused women in Africa if you don’t know where next month’s rent is coming from?"

I know so many people who are hooked on expansion but fail to manage their daily lives. They’re passionate about causes but have to bounce between activism and personal crises when they run out of health, housing or food. They seem to lack the notion of gaining footing so they can be more effective.

In a place where many of us seek greater communion with the natural world around us, where I can find 1200 year old arrow heads on our land, some attend workshops on napping arrowheads, thinking they’re preparing themselves for the collapse of our current social order.  Others blindly follow instructions -- often second hand-- from some guru or another, no matter the absurd changes of direction or the impingement on their own well-being.

So my point?  I don’t presume to know your path.  What I do know is that any spiritual path worth following should elevate consciousness and teach us to live more fully from our hearts, not simply to follow instructions.  Because by blindly following, we give away our power, and by living in a perpetually expanded state, we never harness it.

The power of any spiritual path lies in your ability to choose, to decide for yourself.  It’s up to you to decide where you’re trying to go (what’s ultimately important to you) and to walk the path that takes you there.  Period.  Oh, and you really do have to take care of the down to earth basics in the process.

If you do consciously choose to walk a prescribed path, I’m not knocking your choice.  What I question is whether you would blindly follow that belief or path if it required you to forsake your family or your health or something else that you live for.  Take the time to question and choose anew every single day.  If it’s the right choice for you, it will withstand the scrutiny. If it isn't truly right for you, you may begin to realize that continuing anyway is a way of punting on making your own choices.

Are you in right relationship with the path you choose?  Are you giving over more power than you really need to?  And what, ultimately, is your destination?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Daily Walk?”

  • Charlie Rafferty
    Charlie Rafferty March 24, 2016 at 8:40 AM

    Thanks Deb -

    Always like reading your blog, and this was a good entry.
    I too believe that the spiritual plane is grounded by the material.
    We all have to make our way in this world. If we can do so and be in resonance with whatever our spiritual path may be, and care for our physical plane needs, that may be the true measure of success, rather than any financial surplus we may accrue. How to see you soon!

    • Debra J. Solomon, M.D.
      Debra J. Solomon, M.D. March 24, 2016 at 8:35 PM

      Hi Charlie! What a treat to have you weigh in! I really appreciate the support and the thoughtful comment. We clearly are on the same page on this one...

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