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Which Way to Utopia?


Have you ever felt that you have gifts to share but you can’t?  Maybe your job is OK, but you know you could do so much more if only they let you?  Or you could create so much more with your business if only you had the capital to invest?  Or maybe you just don’t have the right platform to really shine?

I happen to believe that we all have incredible potential to really make a difference in the world but that very few of us ever come close to expressing that potential or putting it into action.

I want to change all that. 

After 58 years of hanging back, I’m ready to take the world by storm and I want to know who’s with me.  Are you?

In honor of the Earth Day full moon, the presence of spring and rebirth, my upcoming birthday, our wedding anniversary, our son’s college graduation, and nothing else in particular, I’m beginning a series today on creating utopia.  Your utopia.  Your dream.  Your perfect world.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll talk about things like:

  1. What are your dreams? What would your ideal life look like?
  2. Are you really open to possibilities and change?
  3. Self-awareness. How do you view the world?  What’s your time scale?  How do you deceive or sabotage yourself?
  4. Your defenses and how to use them.
  5. Belief and limiting beliefs.
  6. Poverty consciousness.
  7. Being present vs. living moment to moment.
  8. Setting intentions and taking risks.
  9. Taking action. Knowledge is not a plan or a solution.

Who am I to talk about such things?

I’m a psychiatrist who has always been about supporting people to transform and realize their potential.  For nearly 30 years I’ve helped thousands of people, one by one, to deal with or move through their darkest moments and overcome their biggest obstacles and move closer to the life they want.

Most people don’t realize that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in dis-ease involving the brain, the mind, the emotions, and behavior.  It’s a complex field which allows me to work with people, the most complicated, loveable, and fascinating subject I can think of.   I love people and I feel immensely privileged to hear their stories, to be entrusted with their care, and to learn from them all the time.

But I’ve never been satisfied to be simply a psychiatrist.  I’ve always pushed the envelope to broaden what I do and to grow into the person that I need to be to set the best possible example of health, integrity, and walking in beauty.  My life in the process has been a phenomenal journey of discovery through 32 years of marriage to the best friend and lover anyone could wish for, parenthood to two magnificent young men who call me Mom, cracking myself wide open to learn about my own defenses in healing/energy medicine school, moving 2000 miles west to the land of enchantment where I am in love with the natural world around me, exploration of ancient, sacred indigenous traditions that have opened to me endless tools for my own spiritual path to self-discovery, and business and relationship failures and successes that have taught me more than any school ever could.

Meanwhile, the medical world has become increasingly oppressive, squeezing out the humanness in favor of lucrative pharmaceuticals, and you can imagine, I’m sure, that I (and others) no longer get rewarded for the real work of caring for patients.  In short, my gifts are no longer appreciated by those who pay the bills and the golden rule is that the holder of the gold makes the rules.  Can you relate?

I’m not complaining.  I’m sharing with you some of my reasons for taking radical action to make change in my life.  What I really want is to have the time and financial freedom to be able to explore and express myself fully, to spend most of my time with my husband and best friend and to build community on our gorgeous healing land where we can share our gifts with those who might be ready to receive them.  I want to have the freedom to travel as often as I choose to visit family and friends around the world.  And I want to continue to give back, to help others to realize their dreams, to step fully into their power, to create the health, wealth or wonder in their lives that will enable them to pay it forward in the most satisfying way possible.

The vehicle we have chosen to get to our dreams is a global business through which we’ll develop relationships around the world, wherever we want to work and play.  And, everywhere I go, I want to give back, make a difference, and support those around me – including/especially you-- in creating their own utopian lives.

My goals and dreams are audacious.  A short time ago I would not have thought it possible to leave medical practice and to make a difference in ever bigger ways.  But my intention is to do whatever it takes to grow into the person I need to be to make it all happen.  No more limiting beliefs.  No more fear.  No more time to waste.

Who’s with me?

Who do you know whose life isn’t utopian?  Get them in on this series.  Send them this link and have them sign up for the blog at

And tell me, which numbered subject above would you like to see me start with next time?






4 thoughts on “Which Way to Utopia?”

  • Pat

    Hey Doc - as one who respects and been beneficiary to your above-noted medical path, I would love to join your journey of openness to possibilities and change despite (and in spite of) the path(s) towards which we will invariably and unknowingly travel.

    • Debra J. Solomon, M.D.
      Debra J. Solomon, M.D. May 7, 2016 at 3:55 PM

      Thanks, Pat! Welcome aboard! Today's topic will be about dreams and dreaming...

  • Joanne

    Great, inspiring post. My vote as a starter- poverty consciousness.

    • Debra J. Solomon, M.D.
      Debra J. Solomon, M.D. May 7, 2016 at 3:56 PM

      Thanks, Joanne! I will get to that indeed... Today's topic, however, will be on dreams and dreaming...

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