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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • TestimonialsNo more night sweats to keep me awake. No more excessive sweating in exercise class. Forgot I was wearing special clothing and just lived whatever the day held for me.”

  • "These CoolingTanks are awesome! They've changed my life!" 
  • “I have been suffering for over 10 years and being told by medical professionals that "I just have to live with it" is quite disheartening. I now have the ability to remain cool and comfortable in any situation. I no longer have to "explain" why I'm going outside or fanning myself to complete strangers.”
  • “The clothing is so soft and comfortable and cotton -- just felt great no matter what else was happening.”

  • “I'll continue to wear PrettyCool at night for the rest of my life because the quality of my sleep is so much improved!
  • “I like to focus on the work I'm doing or the people I'm with. I don't like to think about what my body is doing at the same time. PrettyCool means I don't have to.”
  •  “I had to buy my first tank to see if the hype was real or just another advertising puff. Once convinced, I became an enthusiastic believer.”
  • “The cost per wearing is less than with less expensive items that get worn a lot less without having any of the PrettyCool benefits.
  • “I would replace my wardrobe if you had the products for it!”
  • “I was awake less often and for shorter lengths of time. In the morning I awoke feeling refreshed and eager to start my day.
  • “I really enjoy wearing these garments!!  I find myself bypassing my other gowns. They're comfortable and do just what they were designed to do!!  Finally, finally, finally a product that truly works!!!”
  • "Even though I'm well past menopause, I still bounce between too hot and too cold with some rapidity--especially sleeping with my human-heater-husband.  A good cuddle was almost not worth the effort because of the sweat that invariable ensued.  Your tunic has SOLVED that problem.  It is so amazingly wonderful to find a product that not only lives up to but truly exceeds its advertising.  You will have me as a customer for a long, long time."
  • "Keep up the good work.  You are changing more lives for the better than you may ever know."

  • "Since I wear a Fitbit at night, I can track how many times I'm awake at night, and the number has declined since I started using the pillow cover."